Body-modification addict dubbed ‘Human Satan’ now wants claws for hands

The body-modification addict dubbed the ‘Human Satan’ has said he now wants claws instead of hands.

Michel Faro Praddo, from Praia Grande, Brazil, has u ndergone more than 60 procedures and has around 85 per cent of his body covered in tattoos.

Now Praddo had said that his next ambition is to make his hands more like claws by sticking his index and middle fingers together.

So far, his modifications include ‘horns’ implanted in his forehead, the removal of part of his nose, ears and even his ring finger, and the addition of silver dentures.

He has also undergone liposuction and a tummy tuck, during which his belly button was removed.

Praddo, known online as ‘Diabao’ (‘Devil’) and dubbed ‘Human Satan’ by the press, lives with his wife Carol Praddo, better known as ‘Mulher Demonia’ (‘Demon Woman’) who is also heavily modified.

They have been together for around 10 years and started to undergo extreme changes to their bodies about five years ago.

Praddo has also removed his nipples and says the procedure was performed just before New Year 2021 and it was the last modification he did in 2020.

And now, after having had his ring finger removed, he wants to stick two of his remaining fingers together.

He revealed that he has not done any serious modifications to his body since 2020 and plans to do something more drastic after he has recovered.

He said: “I’m passionate about bodybuilding, and when I make the changes, I can’t move much until the end of recovery. Now, I’m studying to do something more aggressive.”

Praddo had previously said: “I am always thirsty for body modification and I had to stop for a few months for personal issues, but then our Mexican friend and Modifier Gattoo Moreno came to visit Brazil and he offered to do a new modification…

“I chose to remove my ears and it was a very exciting experience because I felt I was rescuing something in myself, actually rescuing a part of my personality that others had put in a coma.

“I felt like I was coming back to life, and now I want more and more extreme body modification.”

Despite his devilish appearance, Praddo has said that he believes in God.

He said: “I believe in God as a source of power, love, wisdom and various attributes that nurture life as a whole.”